Palm Oil #2

As you now know how important the reduction of our palm oil consumption is (see Palm Oil #1), you might wonder how to adjust your daily routines and what products to avoid. This blogpost is supposed to give you tips for a daily life using less and possibly sustainable palm oil.



If you want to reduce your palm oil consumption you have to work for it. After all, Germany has made a start with obliging companies to clearly name palm oil on food packages. This rule doesn’t apply for cosmetics though. Also there are about 200 alternate names producers can choose to put on their product (you can find a list on leaving consumers confused or helpless. If you want to know about companies’ general policies concerning palm oil, you might find answers on, where 137 international palm oil buyers are graded on their use of sustainable palm oil. Also the BBC interviewed British supermarket chains on their palm oil sources and their participation in the GreenPlam trading scheme (

Sadly, Nutella contains loads of palm oil, but there are some alternatives you might want to know about ( If you didn’t find your product in question and you want to do even more: Contact the brands personally – they care what their consumers think. Make sure they commit to sustainable palmoil.



There are some apps that want to inform you about your product’s palm oil sources.

The POI Palm Oil Barcode Scanner informs you about palm oil content and sources of Australian and New Zealand products.

PoP Produkte ohne Palmöl is an app for the German market, but has just archived vegetarian products free from palm oil. It doesn’t help you with sustainable palm oil products yet.



Of course you can just avoid the whole shopping struggle by eating and using more homemade products. Then you’ll know what you eat. There is a helathy and easy recipe for homemade Nutella using hazelnut oil (, and there are many more. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Palm Oil #2

  1. I think that it is really hard to keep an overview on WHAT it is I’m eating. So I like the idea of an app that helps me to scan my groceries and helps me to figure out its ingredients. I will definitely try to use that! I’m sure that I’ll be shocked about the amount of products containing palm oil.

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  2. Thank you for your suggestions! The app “CodeCheck” might also be quit useful in this context. You can scan your products and check the evaluated ingredients of food and cosmetics. I was indeed shocked to learn about the hormone disrupting elements in my (used until then) conditioner.

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    1. hello bee-group 🙂 i would like to know the name of the person who posted this comment… 🙂 just send me an email. thank you and enjoy the summer!!!


  3. This post helps a lot, thanks for that! The excessive use of palm oil is a huge problem. Habitats from various kinds of animals and plants destroyed in order to produce sufficient amounts of palm oil for the worldwide demand. The biggest part of palm oil ironically is used for bio-fuel production. Tests have shown that this biofuel made of palm oil is likely to be more harmful to the environment than the one from crude oil. Palm oil and its production, therefore, is harmful on numerous levels and should be reduced/stopped!!!

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  4. I have recently started to cut palm oil out of my diet (or use sustainable palm oil). However, I absolutely love Nutella, so this recipe will be perfect for me! Thanks for the tip


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