Quality label #1

What is a quality label?

You want to buy and eat healthy and sustainable food, right? Without any genetic engineering and pesticide. But that is not as easy as it sounds. How do know the food you eat everyday is not cultivated with the aid of pesticide or is genetically modified? Do you know where your food comes from, how it is cultivated, how the environment is affected by it and how the circumstances of labor is like? In order to give orientation there are tons of different quality label nowadays that try to guide us what to buy and what to eat. They highlight products that are organic or sustainable. Although the idea of quality label is to give us a helpful guidance you quickly get overpowered by the number and variety of quality label.

How many quality label are there?

There are so many quality label existing so that it is impossible to give an exact number. The Website label-online.de lists various label that have to do with food and other products. Among these many quality label there are a some that are already established. Some of the most important quality label are: EU-Bio label, Bio label, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Fair-Trade label. The EU-Bio label is obligatory for all organic products that are produced in the European Union. The German Bio label was introduced in 2001. It is in contrast to the EU-Bio label not obligatory but voluntary. The label of MSC marks fish and seafood. It focuses on the advancement of responsible and ecofriendly fishing. The Fair-Trade label shall support the cultivation of sustainable food and marks those products that are traded fair.

Do we need quality label?

Who supervises the efficiency of those quality label? Is its purpose to cultivate and sell organic and sustainable food or are quality label a calculated strategy to make money? Do those quality label help us to buy sustainable and healthy food? And are there negative effects of the production of quality label food? These and more questions will be answered in the following post.





2 thoughts on “Quality label #1

  1. That’s exactly what I always thought. I think the idea of quality label is very good on a theoretical level. Quality label indeed could be very good to give us a helpful guidance to buy healthy and sustainable food. But for me the number and variety is too huge to see through. Which labels are trustable and which probably not? And also which criteria need to be fulfilled to get the label? I´ll have a look on the website you mentioned. Maybe then it gets clearer. Looking forward to your next post on this topic.

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